Last Thursday I attended the Brazen Lingerie holiday party where I finally met Anina, its fun and knowledgeable owner, and several other hourglassy women. One of them, Rocio, runs the store, which puts her in a great position to advise those of us larger than a D cup.  For instance, if this gorgeous Elisabeth corset by Oh La La Cheri catches your eye like it did mine, she’ll tell you that you’re going to have to go much larger than your regular size for it to fit your bust.  That’s because it’s a solid tube, unlike this Grenier, which she also sells and recommends.  Another tiny-waisted, buxom holiday guest tried the Elisabeth that night and was disappointed.

However, all is not lost with the Oh La La Cheri brand.  I fell in love with their J’Adore Teddy enough to try it in Sizes 38DD and 2X.

Here’s where the truth of Mr. Campbell’s recent pronouncement hit me full force: “All cleavage is not created equal.”  Ladies, just as we look way more amazing in the Grenier corset than the model in the picture I posted in February 2009, so we look way more amazing in the J’Adore than the poor woman pictured above.  Both the 38DD and the 2X fit me, but the 2X had more vavoom.  The great thing?  There’s is no sagging when you wear this teddy.  It’s pure Jessica Rabbit.

I didn’t have the same luck with this Montelle hidden bra camisole. It only goes up to a 36D and looked like a moo moo on me.  All photographic evidence has been deleted.

I’m looking forward to spending more time at Brazen Lingerie.  The store itself was a welcome break from the cramped spaces you’ll find in downtown and midtown Manhattan, and I loved the dressing rooms.  I’m also hoping to get Rocio to contribute some of her wisdom and recommendations to this blog.