Would you like me to designate you* as the recipient of the extra InStyle magazine subscription that I’m getting through their 2-for-1 offer?  I’ll give it to the 15th hourglassy woman to email me what size she thinks she would be in a Campbell & Kate shirt.  I will only use your email address to let you know on Monday night if you were the 15th person to email me at darlenecee@gmail.com.  No mailing lists or anything else.  Knowing your size will help me plan my next production order.

It may look like I’m going giveaway crazy, but I was cleaning my desk today and realized that I must deal with the InStyle renewal notices that have been piling up.  I’ve received helpful information from InStyle, so I consider it a business expense rather than an indulgence.  I admit, it’s definitely a FUN business expense.

Now for 2 quotes from 34DD Sofia Vergara in the December issue:

  1. I have an enormous chest, so I don’t look great in baggy stuff.  Slouchy tops make me look like I’m pregnant.  I wear everything tight so that you know it’s boobs and ass.  It keeps me feeling sexy.
  2. I would kill myself if I went a day without lipstick!  It makes me feel like a woman.  I hate lip gloss.  I have a voluptuous body, so when I wear lip gloss it’s easy for me to look cheesy.

I love her attitude.  She’s come a long way from the teenager who wanted a reduction!

Of course I have a few follow-up thoughts.  34DD is not “an enormous chest”.  Is that just her opinion, or is she a victim of the DD myth we considered here?  I ran into a real-life example of this yesterday when one of my models told me she was a 36DD.  I was so proud when, after taking her measurements, I correctly put her into a 34G Prima Donna Satin!

And I’ve never seen Voluptuous Body + Lip Gloss = Cheesy before.  What do you think?  One thing I’ve realized this week, however, is that whether it’s lip gloss or lipstick, red lips are great for drawing eyes to your face.

*Or a friend of yours?  The subscription begins with the February issue.  You could wrap up the latest issue from the news stand for her for Christmas!