You probably noticed it before I made the realization in September that DD seems to be a common “large” size for celebrities.  In fact, until Philippa wrote here about the mental block that some women have against anything higher than a DD, I was oblivious to the phenomenon.  I blame my ignorance on the special sizing system of the Cameo bras I grew up with.  When you wear a 30 Double I, what’s the big deal about an E, F or G?

Recently, I’ve been alerted to another alleged DD celebrity:  Kim Kardashian. 

Since I’m also short, I love that she’s only 5’2″ and that she had this to say to US Magazine recently:

I never knew to embrace curves.  I looked at my aunt and cousins and saw these Armenian women with big butts and boobs, and I didn’t really realize how attractive it actually was then. Your perspective grows.

But is she really a 32DD?  The founder of HerRoom offers a great discussion on her blog here (plus a picture of Kim clothed only in silver paint).  Carissa, JJ and I had fun tweeting our guesses of her size in October.  What do you think? 

Tomorrow look for a guest post from a true DD.

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