Here’s a story we can all relate to:  a college student discovers her correct bra size.  Katie and I have been emailing ever since she posted a comment last September.  You’re going to enjoy her writing and refreshing perspective as much as I have.

I’ll start by saying I don’t have BIG boobs – I have bigger than average, look good in low cut or clingy tops, get the comments boobs. There are people reading this who cannot ignore their need for ‘specialty’ or ‘large’ (I hate those words btw) bras. I didn’t discover I had anything larger than a C cup until late in college, giving me a whole new appreciation for bras and a lack thereof for most lingerie sections.

I had reached a point after junior year where just about every single one of my bras wore out at the same time. So I went to a local department store for a fitting and help selecting which bras were best. I inherited my shape from my mother, but I’m still in the process of getting her to a fitting (she has promised to go, but didn’t go with me this past weekend so we’ll see) – so bra shopping has always been on my own. The lady at Dillards brought me what I now think was one of the only 32Ds in the store. Note, when she did my measurements I was 29 right under the bust, but I was too nervous to ask if I was supposed to be in a 30 band. I tried on the new Spanx line of bras as well, fitting into the 32DD, but above my price point and I feel more protected in an under-wire. I will admit to being a bit of a pushover when I’m out of my league, so it was Dillard’s store brand that I walked out with – 32D. Previously, I had worn 34Cs or even a 34D that I found once at Wal-mart.

I have multiple bras from that visit, still going strong – even if stretched a bit in the waistband. Side note: I understand the need to lift, but separate? I’m sure you guys can fill me in on that, but I’m in my early 20s – give me some cleavage please. Not over the top, but a shirt that goes half-way down my chest without so much as a little crack is mighty disappointing for a night out.

That led me to my next fitting at a small boutique carrying larger cup sizes. Well, that and the cups of my T-shirt bras from the first fitting poking out in my lower tops and dresses. I walked in, said I was currently wearing a 32D and was looking for something that could handle low scoop and V neck shirts. The attendant walked back with a Freya deep plunge 32DD – too big in the cup and a bit loose in the band. Easily fixed: I walked out with a 30DD. I’ve yet to wear it out, but it was super comfy in the store. I’ve been warned you have to keep readjusting, but since it’s for going-out only that shouldn’t be a problem. After reading up on good bras lately I’m surprised she didn’t bring out something seamed, it was still a molded cup, but I’ll take the right size as a good first step.

I’m pretty sure I’m still on the road to finding a good everyday bra, let alone a brand that works with my body. Nevertheless, crossing the line into “gifted” breast territory has been an experience. I’ve always hated button down shirts, now I know why. Ditto with the numerous knit shirts in my closet and my emphasis on shoes and pants always fitting properly in lieu of good fitting shirts. But even with the shopping challenges (you’d be surprised how much of a difference a bra can make in how your clothes fit), I love the confidence from knowing I’m treating the girls properly and the satisfaction of being able to say I wear a DD. Small steps, but important ones.