I wrote about spring cleaning last January, but two Sundays ago, thanks to tweets from Margaret Shrum, I tried on every bra and pair of tights in my lingerie drawer.  That’s how I could shop guilt-free for new bras last week–I knew I needed them.  And when I got dressed this morning, any pair of tights that I reached for was guaranteed to be problem-free.  Now, of course, I’m noticing great-looking tights on others.  Here are my favorites.

But back to Margaret Shrum.  I’ve just visited her website because I like some of the practical advice in her tweets.  I’m not in a place to enlist her help, but item 4 of this blog post got me thinking about what type of lingerie consultant I would be.

For example, you may have a technical approach, a value-minded approach, or a stylistic-centered approach. A technical approach would be to focus on sizes and fit first, making sure you know all the variation in measurements that the boutiques may have and matching that to your client. A value-minded approach would be to find out what top boutiques are having sales and emphasizing the idea of looking great while saving your client money. A stylistic approach would be to focus on a set style which usually is based on your taste level and educating your client to upgrade to the appropriate level of quality that suits her own personal style.

 I’d probably have a technical approach.  What about you?  I overheard a 34D woman in La Petite Coquette last week tell the saleswoman, “I never wear basic bras.  I always wear fun bras.”  I’d say she would have the stylistic approach.  (I had to look when I heard her say that.  Surprisingly, her outerwear had no style whatsoever.)