Reader Alex submitted her Halloween Bra Fitting Horror Story, and it’s definitely a nightmare:

I wear a 34FF, and I needed a bra for my wedding. My wonderful bra store in Austin was too far away for the dress to travel, as it was being kept safe at my mom’s in Houston. I should have gone to Intimacy, but we were lazy and didn’t want to drive an hour to the Galleria. Instead, I went to the nearby bra store in the suburb of Houston where my mom lives. The fitter was terrible.

She brought me a push-up plunge bra that was way too small (36DD, maybe E) and refused to bring me a different size. The cups cut into my breasts, and I was all but popping out of the V-neck of my dress. The fitter loved it. When I insisted that it didn’t fit, she became very condescending and acted like I was crazy.

I can only imagine how devastating this would have been if it had been my first proper fitting! She did her best to make me feel totally ignorant, while playing it for laughs to try and get my mom to help gang up on me. (My mom clued in fast when the fitter started to paint me as a bridezilla who wanted something perfect that just didn’t exist.)

I should have left right then, but for some reason, I decided to give her one more shot. I explained that I didn’t want a ton of cleavage showing in my wedding dress, and I wanted to be well-supported on the big day.

My message = modesty + comfort. The message she got? Minimizer.

She told me she understood completely, she’s the same way, and she knew the perfect bra — in fact, she was wearing it right then… and then she pulled her dress up to her chin!

Not surprisingly, we left without buying anything.

Aren’t you dying to see what Alex’s wedding dress looked like on her and what bra she found and where? I know I am. I’d also love to hear what made her bra store in Austin so wonderful . . . maybe that can be for Thanksgiving. 🙂 (Nothing after the jump.)