1.  Since I blog about being large-breasted, I can get myopic about fashion issues.  But this article from the New York Times reminds us that all ambitious women, whether they’re campaigning for public office or strategizing for the corner office, whether they’re an A cup or an F cup, have a balancing act to play when it comes to wardrobe.  As the author states, “even a cursory rummage through news clips and Web sites indicates that women courting power still adopt a strategic style of dress conceived to keep their curves–and their characters–neatly under wraps.” 

2.  I’m sure you’ve heard that high-waisted pants and skirts are coming back. My first reaction was “No way,”  especially when I saw how buxom this not-very-buxom woman looked in her high-waisted skirt in the subway station the other day.  It was like her breasts were being served up on the tray of her skirt’s waistband.

According to Ray Smith in his October 7 Wall Street Journal article, “the point of high-waisted pants is to show off the waist, which means tucking in the shirt.”  This can be a tough one for those of us with big boobs because tucking our shirts into ultra-high-waisted pants actually shows off our boobs, not our waists.  Is it time to stock up on low-waisted pants that we cans safely tuck our shirts into?  Also, something I’ve always wondered–how do you wear untucked shirts to the office without looking sloppy?  It’s a great way to extend the waist, but I haven’t had much success in pairing an untucked shirt with a jacket.

Coats and Jessica Simpson after the jump.

3.  I checked out Mackage coats in Bloomingdales yesterday after a 32D friend raved about their lines and construction.  From their website, it looks like their zippered and princess-seamed styles could really flatter an hourglass shape.

Unfortunately, it was not to be for me.  Mackage size Large fits a 40″ bust, and they have no Extra-Large (although they do have an XXS!).  The saleswoman I spoke to said that Mackage sizes are very Junior.  If you try one of their coats, please let us know how it works for you.

(Reader MJ experimented with an Old Navy coat in Tall recently. I hope to pass on the details once I get the specifics from her.)

4.  Finally, as I browsed for pictures to use in the Powerpoint presentation I gave on Tuesday, I ran across this March headline about Jessica Simpson:   “Jessica Simpson tries her hand at Mad Men glamour… but ends up looking matronly.”  Unfortunately, it’s true, isn’t it?  I’ve done this before.  I like the commenters’ suggestions that she deepen the neckline and shorten the hem.  Longer sleeves would also help.  (Any chance there’d be enough fabric from the hemline to replace the sleeves?)