Last week, my friend Kate sent me the link to this NY Times article about sports bras. Here’s a quick summary:

a. A woman’s breasts move like a figure-8 when she runs.

b. Of the two types of sports bras on the market today, encapsulation sports bras are probably better than compression sports bras, but since most people find the former uncomfortable, it’s better to get support from the latter than to skip exercise altogether.

c. It’s still being developed, but the best sports bra is essentially a compression bra with pads that elevate each breast. It causes the same kind of support that you feel when you’re running under water.

“Large-breasted women who wore the experimental bra and a series of other bras while running reported that by a wide margin, the experimental bra was the most comfortable. It also effectively reduced breast motion not only vertically but also from side to side.”

Two thoughts from this article:

(i) I’m an Enell girl myself (you can read my reviews here and here), but if you want to try an encapsulation bra, I’ve heard great things about the Bendon Extreme Out Technical Support Sports bra that Sadie reviewed here.

(ii) It’s got to be possible to create our own version of the experimental bra. I have plenty of room beneath my breasts in the Enell, but what could I use to create the pads?

If we can only dream about the perfect sports bra, we may need a little dose of reality when it comes to sexy lingerie. Read more after the jump.


I enjoy Faye Penn’s Style & Error column in InStyle Magazine because she’s One of Us. At Victoria’s Secret, she’s a 36DD, but at Intimacy, she’s a 34G. She blames it on “bra-size inflation” in the September issue. Hmmm. Between a VS or an Intimacy fitter, which one would you believe?

Her latest column is about sexy lingerie. Even though I love the marketing that insists I should wear beautiful lingerie every day, it was really refreshing to read that Faye resisted matching $50 underwear at Intimacy. Her conclusion was even more refreshing:

“. . . I can’t say that these new accessories unleash any kind of inner pinup. [. . .] I conclude that strappy heels, smoldering eye makeup, and slim jeans can go just as far, if not further, to give you that little hit of outward sizzle as anything you put on under your clothes.”

Thanks for your honesty, Faye!