Here’s my list of why some women don’t get bra fittings. What would you add?

1. A reserved personality. Bras and breasts are too personal a subject to share with anyone else. Someone asking your bra size is like someone asking how much you make.

It’s true. Bras and breasts are extremely personal. I believe that only a best friend is going to convince someone with this reasoning to go for a fitting.

2. Modesty. The thought of having your breasts stared at, nudged and adjusted is just too much.

I look at this part of the process in a clinical way, so I’m actually fascinated to watch a disinterested professional place things where they should go. I don’t know how to talk someone through this obstacle since I have a hard time relating. Any ideas?

3. Cost. If a fitter spends so much time with you, you’re afraid you’ll feel obligated to buy a bra you can’t afford.

This is a tough one. Once or twice I’ve gone to a store to try on shoes that I’ve ultimately ordered online, but breasts are much more personal. Also, it takes a lot more skill to be a bra-fitter than a shoe salesperson. I suggest planning to buy at least one bra from the fitter (unless she’s horrible) and then seeing if you can find the others on sale elsewhere.

4. Self-sufficiency. You don’t need help buying your other clothes, so why should you need help with a bra?

Here’s where the litany of everything that can go wrong comes in: wrong cup, wrong band, etc. I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to bras, but I still get it wrong on my own sometimes. A bra fitter is a way to calibrate everything and make sure you’re on the right track.

5. Bad prior experience. An earlier fitter didn’t listen to you and pushed you into a bra you could never wear again because it [_____________] [pinched; left you with red marks; bounced; poked; showed seams under your tee shirts]. Or perhaps she treated your size as if it were abnormal and undermined your self-confidence.

First I’d recommend someone who has been consistently professional and correct–not just a store, but a person. If that’s not possible, I would recommend certain stores over others (Nordstroms vs. Victoria’s Secret, etc.). And if there’s nothing in the area, I would suggest scheduling a bra-fitting next time you visit a big city–after conducting a little research on Yelp.

6. Not knowing where to begin. It seems like the kind of thing you’d want a personal recommendation for (like a dentist), but you haven’t gotten around to asking your friends (perhaps because of reason #1 above).

I’d start with reviews on Yelp. You get the entire spectrum of reviewers, from super picky to easygoing, so you’ll have a good idea of what to expect when you visit.

7. Too busy. It’s hard to find the time for a special trip to a single-purpose store.

Agreed. Why do the best lingerie stores always seem to be in the most out-of-the-way places? But it’s got to be done, just like getting your hair cut.

8. Motherhood. A mother is busy putting her children’s needs first. Wearing the right bra is just one of many things she may be neglecting.

If you’re a mother, put “bra-fitting” on the list of things you’re going to do for yourself in the near future. It could be a lot of fun on your next girls’ night (or day) out, and it’s a really good example for daughters.

9. LIFE. The best laid plans . . . .

Shelly and I have had to reschedule her bra fitting for Friday because her mother-in-law comes home from the hospital today. Sometimes you have to be flexible but undeterred. Look for my report on the fitting next week.

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