Shelly from yesterday’s post was immediately up for a bra fitting when I suggested it to her. Another woman I know (I’ll call her “Harriet”) only gives me a polite chuckle when I suggest it. It’s not that Harriet looks bad in what she’s currently wearing. It’s simply that she’s admitted to me that she’s never been fitted!

I love bra shopping. To me, it’s the ultimate shopping experience. A bra fitter’s one-on-one attention is usually only available elsewhere when you’re preparing to spend a small fortune on a wedding dress or a custom-made suit.

Bra-fittings are also a chance for me to

  • catch up with my fitter,
  • see where I am weight-wise,
  • drool over beautiful new lingerie,
  • and walk away with foundations that make me look slimmer and walk taller.

So why isn’t Harriet jumping at the chance?

Because Harriet isn’t Darlene. I’m realizing that there are a lot of other women out there who aren’t like me, and I’ve been trying to put myself in their heads. Tomorrow I’ll post some of the reasons I think they may have for avoiding a bra fitting. (Nothing after the jump.)