Way back in January, I reviewed the AJRumina shirt here. Way back in April, I dropped it off with a fantastic new tailor for alterations. Just last Saturday, it was ready. Yes, there’s a back story that I can’t wait to share. I also can’t wait to show you the new, improved version of the shirt, but it’s 8:40 pm and the only thing I’ve done is iron it. Look for a picture and details tomorrow.

So where did today go?

  • To ordering 3000 name labels, 1200 care labels and 1200 of each of my 18 size labels.
  • To calculating the best price and poring over finances.
  • To discussing the art work with my amazing art director.
  • To making sure my sewing contractor is on board with the correct button placement in the next sample.

These shirts are about to come a reality, ladies! (Nothing after the jump.)