These pictures speak for themselves: A good tailor can make all the difference in the world. Read my complete “before” review here, and my “after” review below.

The main changes you’ll notice in front are that we

  • lopped off the dreadfully fitting sleeves
  • shortened the length (simultaneously getting rid of the weird skirt-like sides) and
  • took in the waist.

My favorite change is in the back. See what we–okay, what she–did after the jump.

When the tailor took in the waist, she

  • took out the side seam
  • folded up the excess fabric in the back, creating a seam across the back and carefully matching the darts,
  • and then sewed the newly shortened back sides to the front.

Although you can see the seam across the back, I think it looks much better than the folds of extra fabric that, instead of hiding my back flab, added to it.

Last but not least, here’s the side view, which reveals the only negative: the side dart placement that I pointed out in my original review. My tailor would have had to reconstruct the entire shirt to make a difference here, and we agreed that it wasn’t worth the cost.

However, the rest of the alterations were definitely worth it. They cost a total of $35, bringing the total price of the shirt to $70 (not including shipping). I’m sure it made a difference that I began with a shirt that was constructed for my figure. Next up, I’ll show you the planned alterations to my Carissa Rose Justina shirt!