Last May, I told you about my chance to try on the Carissa Rose Justina shirt here, where you can see what a size LR looks like on a 5’3″ woman who wears a 34G (Prima Dona) or a 34FF (Fantasie) bra.* Soon after my own shirt arrived in the mail, I took it to the Miracle Worker that I wrote about yesterday. After she finished pinning it, I couldn’t wait to get it back.

Unfortunately, I was still waiting two months later, and I’m now searching for another tailor to finish the project. In the past I’ve written about searching for the Perfect Tee Shirt. Now you can look for posts about searching for the Perfect Tailor!

From the pictures below, it looks like it may not be entirely necessary to follow through with these alterations. The shirt on the left looks pretty good, and the shirt on the right doesn’t look that much better in its pinned state. However, after yesterday’s post, I’ve been bitten by the alterations bug. This shirt will be one of my favorites after I make the alterations that I describe after the jump.

Instead of taking it in at the waist, my insightful former tailor was going to take in each of the front princess seams by half an inch.

She would have shortened the arms by 2 inches, the back by 3.5 inches and the front by 2.5 inches. You can also see below that she was going to narrow each sleeve barrel by around a half inch.

Sigh. I’ll keep you posted on my search and show you pictures when my mission is accomplished!

*You can see Carissa Rose shirts on other real women here.