1. Can a woman have an hourglass shape without large breasts? Mr. Campbell and I were taking the subway home from church on Sunday when I saw the tiniest waist walking ahead of me. Her shoulders and hips were a perfect hourglass. I had to see what she looked like from the front. Mr. Campbell said her bra straps were too thin for her to be large breasted. She turned the corner, and he was right. She was a B/C cup. The biggest surprise? She had bad posture! I was stunned that someone with such an amazing figure would slump.

2. After writing that exercise makes me body happy last Thursday, I wondered why I wasn’t doing it! So I took the book Strong Women Stay Young to the gym on Sunday and went through the weight circuit that the author recommends. I loved yesterday’s soreness that reminded me that I have muscles. The next step is finding accountability. According to a May 18 Wall Street Journal article (“The Power of a Gentle Nudge”), just a phone call from someone every three weeks, asking what I’ve done and encouraging me to keep going, will actually keep me going. Once I find my workout accountability partner, look for me to be “body euphoric”!

3. Some aspects of launching a clothing line are just like working in corporate law. Before a company files a form with the SEC, a law firm associate must do a “rule check” against the securities regulations to make sure the filing meets all the requirements. Before a clothing designer can have her clothing sewn by a sewing contractor, she must check everything in the contractor’s sample against the pattern. Yesterday I measured things like dart lengths, distances from seams and collar and cuff heights. It was as excruciating as a rule check. However, it paid off. We discovered that one sample was a half inch smaller in the chest than the pattern calls for. My technical designer has created measuring instructions for the sewing contractor to make sure this doesn’t happen in the next sample.

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