Rebecca & Drew used to carry other clothing that distracted from their core product. Now they’re concentrating on shirts and shirt dresses with good results.

My eye was drawn to the back of this shirt,
but I also liked the front with its sparkly buttons

and flounce cuffs.

It turns out that you can put together your own shirt with your favorite cuffs, buttons, collar and fabric through their Insignia shop. See the ruffles option and more after the jump.

Jessica looked great in this shirt.

By the way, she actually got that lift from a Victoria’s Secret bra in DD!

Jessica also looked good in the new tunic length shirt which, as Lila pointed out, can be worn out with a belt. I like the idea of being able to belt a shirt and still have fabric remaining below the belt! Lila also said the tunic length is a hit for their tallest customers.

Speaking of height, Jessica and I are both under 5’4″, but the Long length shirts worked best for us. I recommend only ordering the Regular length if you’re less than 5’2″.

R&D is keeping its strange double placement of buttons at the chest and the ever present princess seams. I’m not in love with these features, but I’m willing to consider them if I like everything else about a shirt.

Lila also admitted that, even with an offering of over 70 sizes, a perfect fit cannot be guaranteed on every single body. Sometimes alterations will be necessary. Jessica and I have two views on this. After spending $200 for a shirt, Jessica doesn’t want to take on the time and risk of having it altered. I feel that if the basic construction works and it’s only a matter of a couple of tweaks (and I really trust my tailor), I’ll invest in alterations to get it perfect. As I wrote in December 2008, alterations to a shirt not originally constructed for my body type don’t really accomplish much.

If I had purchased a R&D shirt on Sunday, I would have needed to have it taken in to deflate the puffiness at my waist. Below are side pictures of the shirt in Strong and Confident, followed by the Soft and Smooth.

Unlike Jessica, I was wearing a terrible bra. Lila wants me to visit again in a better one. You can see comparisons against the Strong and Confident Regular that I bought in January 2009 here, here and here.