1. I’m rushing to a lunch meeting after spending the morning with Bratabase.com. Later today or tomorrow, I’ll post my review and the reasons you should contribute to it.

2. If you’re in NYC, would like 2 free bras and are available Feb 8-10, read the following from Linda the Bra Lady’s Facebook page:

Casting Call! Linda is looking for women in the NYC metro area who would like FREE bras in exchange for appearing in a new Linda’s bra fitting video! We’ll be shooting next Monday – Wednesday (February 8th to 10th). Women of all ages, shapes and sizes are welcome, and there will be no nudity shown…. For more information, email alison@lindasonline.com.

3. Curvy Kate bras are only $25 with free shipping to the U.S from MissFitUK. (Nothing after the jump.)