After tea and scones this past Sunday, my friend Jessica* and I decided to walk over to Rebecca & Drew. I’m glad we did. They’ve made good changes, and it sounds like more are on their way.

The most important change is that they’ve hired Lila Smith, a veteran bra fitter who worked at La Petite Coquette for six years. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I think bra fitting is one of the most important professions on the planet. To have such a professional fitting me into a shirt was a true luxury. Lila knows it isn’t just a matter of running through the checklist of the R&D sizing process to find the right shirt, just as it isn’t simply a matter of taking your measurements and looking them up on a chart to find the right bra. For instance, Lila brought me three shirts before we found the right fit (Jessica found hers on the first try).

I also appreciate Lila’s body-affirming attitude. When I blamed the tightness at my chest on my need to lose a couple of pounds, she blamed it on their not having a shirt in DDD. Thank you, Lila. She believes R&D produces the best ladies’ shirts on the market, but she would also like to see them increase the sizing to an H cup. I know several of you would like to see this as well.

I’ll post more about the shirts themselves later this week, but if you’re in the market for a dress shirt, pay a visit to Lila. She’s extremely knowledgeable, patient and attentive.

*We met when she responded to my ad for a fit-tester last September. I meet the nicest and most interesting people as I develop my shirts. (Nothing after the jump.)