Welcome back from the long weekend! I’m rushing off to this event where I’m hoping to get good how-to-dress insights that I can share with you. After the jump, I have a good how-not-to-dress insight that I learned on Friday.

I was rushing to meet a friend for lunch on Friday (“rushing” seems to be a theme) and happy for the chance to wear my new Ann Taylor dress. I noticed my bra showing at the neckline, but I was so late that I didn’t take the time to change. As a result, I spent the entire afternoon tugging at my neckline. Tip: Always give yourself enough time to be sure your bra works under whatever you’re wearing.
If I’d given myself time to change into a balconette, I wouldn’t have had this problem. It’s not just necklines where we run into the need to doublecheck our bras. There’s also the bulging boob issue that sometimes shows up under knits.

What other things should be on our before-we-go-out-the-door checklist?