I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s conversation. Below are quotes that made me laugh and/or think.

Bobbie Thomas (Style Editor for NBC’s Today Show):

“Your shoes say something to the woman across the aisle from you. She winks back. She gets it.” (on how our fathers will never understand why we can spend so much on clothing–it’s a relational thing for women)(Bobbie was wearing 6-inch heels.)

“Trends can be like stilettos on the beach. You have to be comfortable with a trend.”

“You wear your hair 365 days a year.” (on why cost per wear makes a haircut one of our best investments)

“Celebrities don’t wait until after their shower to decide what to wear on the red carpet.”

Amy Odell (Editor, The Cut, NYmag.com):

“When magazines say, ‘We haven’t airbrushed our super models,’ they’re still using super models.”

Although I agree with Amy that it’s only a token, I found this Guardian article that she mentioned interesting, as well as this posting on her blog.

Suze Yalof Schwartz (Executive Fashion Editor at Large for Glamour Magazine):

“Match your shoes to your skin tone to make your legs look longer.”

Suze has some very practical blog posts. I’m going to look into this one and this one.

Nancy Berger (founder of Grace Group, an individual and corporate branding firm):

“Think of your audience. You wear a costume for doing laundry, getting a facial, getting a job.”

“Taxicab Shoes”–the shoes you wear knowing you only need to walk to a cab and into one building (after explaining that she chose to wear her 4-inch heels instead of her 6-inch heels)

When Nancy worked for Valentino, she dressed Maria Bartiromo and has great insights as a result. I’ll share more in my next posts.

Eve Pearl (Emmy-winning celebrity makeup artist and consultant):

Recited this poem: “A little makeup, a little paint, can make a woman what she ain’t.”

She’s having a free event on September 30, but I can’t find the information on her website yet.

I appreciated Eve’s background story–she grew up a tomboy and only got into makeup as a way to deal with facial scars resulting from her skin allergies. Very down-to-earth, she admitted to having changed from her high heels to almost-flats for the evening.

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