[Please see the post I wrote this morning to know to whom I’m referring on a first-name basis here.]

Here’s my favorite quote from an audience member worried about cleavage: “You don’t want to look like you’re crammed into something with things bubbling out in weird sorts of ways.” She was making a very good point about fit–something that fits and shows cleavage is better than something that’s too small and shows cleavage.

I liked the panel members’ points on this subject. Bobbie’s advice was to look in the mirror and ask, “What am I trying to say with what I’m wearing?” Then decide if your breasts are distracting from that message.

Nancy, who throughout the evening advised us to consider our audience, also had this to say: “If you’ve got it, flaunt it (in moderation). It’s one of the most powerful things we’ve got. We don’t have to hide our sexuality.” When another audience member pointed to Maria Bartiromo as an example of the demur approach to cleavage, Nancy said, “There’s a lot you don’t see on television. Maria definitely embraces her shape.” I’d love to hear more of Nancy’s thoughts on embracing our shape.

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