I’m still writing the reply I mentioned yesterday, but it didn’t keep me from watching Project Runway last night. My friend Melissa has me viewing the current episodes instead of reruns, and it’s much more fun this way because I can’t fast forward to find out who the winner is, and I’m watching as the interpersonal relationships develop. If you haven’t seen last night’s episode, don’t click to read more after the jump.

I know they were under intense pressure, but I wanted Mitchell & Ra’mon and Qristyl & Epperson to practice the PAIRS concepts that Mr. Campbell and I learned last winter. I wanted them to step back, analyze their feelings, and figure out how to communicate with each other so that it could be win-win for everyone.

What if Mitchell had said to Ra’mon, “Ra’mon, I chose you to be my partner because you’re strong and I’m weak, but I don’t want you to carry me. How can we both make contributions to this project?” It would have involved Mitchell being honest with himself and Ra’mon. I find it ironic that Johnny, the meth addict who totally fell apart in the first episode, now has his act together. He was honest, he felt his emotions, and he got help. Mitchell, on the other hand, has deteriorated with each episode. It was sad watching him try to hide his feelings with humor last night.

Hey, what kind of “lite” is this? It’s time to stop writing before I start analyzing the contestants’ birth orders. And the Qristyl-Epperson dynamic really bothered me. I don’t like Qristyl (she should have been out after the first episode), but I totally empathized with her regarding Epperson. How could she have handled that one?