Every time I’ve seen this bag at Linda’s, I’ve thought, “Who would walk around with a purse shaped like a bra? That’s just silly.” Yesterday waiting for a fit model there, I finally opened the bag and immediately understood.

For any of you who have ever struggled to protect your molded bras as you pack a suitcase, this is the bag for you. Once I have it, I won’t need to stuff the cups of my Le Mystere Dream Tisha with socks and undies anymore (only to find the cups squashed and lumpy when I unpack anyway). I’m putting the Emily Buxom Bra Bag on my birthday list. It holds up to 6 bras in up to a 36G or a 38F.

I’m also inspired by the founder, Jane Webb. It took her months of failed product designs, but she finally came up with a product that works. I appreciated the reminder that it takes time to create something new.