I’m back at the drawing board for fit model measurements, so tonight while searching terms like “under bust”, “low bust” and “above bust”, I learned a few interesting details.

1. Janeane Garofalo had breast reduction surgery when she was 20 years old. And am I the only person who didn’t know that Drew Barrymore did, too? And even Punky Brewster?

2. This website advises a man buying lingerie for a woman to think of her breasts as a piece of fruit.

lemon = A cup
orange = B cup
grapefruit = C cup
melon = D cup

What fruit or type of melon would help a man buy something for a DD cup and higher?

3. I’m fascinated by http://www.wearlawsuits.com, which makes custom suits for women in law enforcement.

“Women in law enforcement need a pantsuit that has a jacket long enough to cover their equipment along with specialized inside pockets. The pants need to have belt loops that will support a thick belt as well as four pockets.

“There are approximately 800,000 sworn law enforcement officers in the United States, of which 13% are women. Women are required to wear all the same specialized equipment as men, however, there is no professional business attire for women working in plain clothes conducive to accommodating that equipment- until NOW, thanks to LawSuits.”