After meeting two potential fit models this weekend, I feel like I’ve had my head in the sand regarding the challenges that some of us face.

First, I’ve been assuming that the beautiful bras available for DD’s and DDD’s are available for everyone. Not so for the H cup. Those fabulous laces and ribbons–especially on the straps, which I think is so feminine–are less prevalent in H cup styles. Instead of an “Oooooh, pretty!” reaction from me, the styles I found off the rack Friday and today elicited just a “That’s nice” response. Fortunately, there are other options online, and if you wear an H cup, you’ve probably already discovered that Panache and Freya have some gorgeous options. I’ve pasted a few of my favorites after the jump.

Second, one of the fit models I talked to literally has a perfect figure–not an ounce of fat and curves in all the right places. If I looked like her, I would be the most confident woman in the world, right? Not if I wore a D cup in the A cup world of professional dancers. Until yesterday, I had no idea that dancers with D cups who want to pursue their passion feel pressure to undergo breast reduction surgery. Jessica, the dancer I met, refuses to give in to that pressure, but she acknowledges that there are certain roles she can never have because of her refusal. She’s the newest addition to my personal list of heroes, and I’m hoping she’ll contribute a post to this blog someday soon.

Here are a few of the H cup bras that I like online. Too bad the Prima Dona and Harlequin (the last two) only come in cafe and ivory, respectively.,search,36H.htm,search,36H.htm