Before I share my thoughts on my Thomas Pink experiences, why don’t you give me your thoughts on the shirt below? Personally, I love it for its organza ruffle. But do you think I could wear it? Could you? Let me know in the survey that I’ve just added and in the comments section.

Now about Thomas Pink shirts in general. I thought I’d give them a try after someone commented about their fit on Corporette a while back. Unfortunately, they may fit that commenter, but they don’t fit me. In fact, when I stopped in this past Thursday, they didn’t even fit the saleswoman. She had been forced to choose between baggy fit or gappy bustline and had chosen gappy bustline. She was a perfect candidate to be my customer. I wanted to give her my card to tell her about my blog, but her co-worker was too close.

For me, the setup of a Thomas Pink store can be intimidating–the opposite of the Cego experience. I’m learning about quality features of shirts, and I admit that the shirts have them–French seams, for instance. But because of the store’s posh atmosphere, I expect amazing service if I’m serious about shelling out $190 for one of their shirts. I was hoping when I visited their store a few months ago that they would also offer alterations. As you can see from the only shirt that fit without gapping too much (a UK size 18), I definitely needed them:

I asked my saleswoman if alterations were an option. She simply told me it would probably fit better after it shrank a little bit in the wash. Yikes. Pay $190 and hope it fits better after washing it? I thanked her and went on my way.

For the record, here’s the size 16 I tried that day:

And here’s the size 14:

If you’ve had better luck with their shirts, please share.