I seem to be in a get-organized phase of life rather than an inspired phase, so bear with me for the next few posts. Most of the reason is that I must put together a business plan. Mr. Campbell will feel better once I do, and I admit, so will I. It’ll be good to know where I’m headed and what needs to be done (and spent) to get there.

For the last three days, planning ahead has involved looking at where I’ve been. I have just finished working through and filing two years’ worth of notes from classes and conversations with people in the industry, lots of news clippings, and all sorts of other pieces of paper with information I knew I’d need someday. It looks like someday is now.

I’m also reading a great book called Do It Tomorrow by Mark Forster. I’ll write more about it soon, but there’s a thorough review of it on one of my favorite blogs, The Simple Dollar.