On Sunday night, Mr. Campbell and I were cutting out magazine pictures for a vision board of our relationship. We were surrounded by four other couples* and stacks of magazines, everyone busy with scissors and glue, when I found an ad for custom made swimwear by Exelnt Designs. I ripped it out and stuck it in my pocket–I never know when resources for full-breasted women will turn up. We got home, and I went straight to the Exelnt website. For those of us who search high and low for swimwear that fits, this could be just what we’re looking for.

Exelnt’s $140-$150 prices are comparable to what department stores charge at the beginning of the summer. Customization costs more, but according to Michelle, who I spoke to at Exelnt, most women can find something to fit without having a pattern custom-made for them. I think the range of styles that they offer is great, and I like the idea of being able to choose my own fabric. The best feature? They have suits up to an I cup.

I’m not in the market for a new swimsuit this year, but if anyone else orders from Exelnt in 2009, please share you experience with us.

Also, if anyone orders from Land’s End or buys a Shoshanna swimsuit, please share. The Land’s End’s tugless tank goes up to a DD, and Shoshanna swimwear is supposed to fit up to a DDD (although one DDD friend of mine said it didn’t).

*We’ve just finished a 10-week relationship workshop called PAIRS that I highly recommend. It has made big a difference to how we argue and listen to each other.