Some of you might remember in my early days of blogging for Hourglassy that I was into having a capsule wardrobe and a minimal amount of clothing. Those days are long behind me, if anything watching businesses come and go in the fuller bust world has turned me into a collector. In fact, I’m currently working on having the largest collections of Bravissimo/Pepperberry and Urkye in the world. 
Layering Urkye with Bravissimo. Prague is cold in August!
While my Bravissimo/Pepperberry collection is growing by lurking on eBay and waiting patiently for packages to arrive from the UK. I’ve also been buying from Urkye (which arrives quickly to Germany). So far this year, I have made eight orders, one which I returned and one that was for my sister. Urkye predominantly makes clothing from a stretch jersey t-shirt material that is comfortable and long-lasting.
Wearing my favorite Urkye shirt this past summer in Strasbourg, France.
In these photos I am wearing either a 44 2/3 or a 46 2/3 (however, according to the Urkye size chart, I should be wearing size 50 2/3). Working from home and having a global role where the majority of my meetings are online has resulted in me wearing far more color than I used to and Urkye creates tops and dresses in the most beautiful colors. Check out the purple and blue of their newest dress below (I’m leaning towards purchasing the blue).
This fall.
This post is a round-up of me wearing Urkye this past year (and you get to see my hair in multiple shades of blonde until late July when a bleaching accident happened and I had to take a break from coloring…bleaching your hair at home carries some risk). 
Last winter and newly arrived in Berlin.
I reach for a Kopertówka top generally twice a week year round. 
Last summer in Berlin and Cape Cod.
Last summer in Berlin.
The only thing different in this photo is my jeans. I find tucking my shirts in to be more flattering for my body type.
I didn’t end up wearing my Koperta dresses much this summer. I’ll see if I reach for them next summer and if not they will probably end up in my sister’s closet. I might alter one dress next summer to remove the pockets, make the skirt a-line and shorten it to see if I reach for the dress more often. 
My sister in Berlin. She was without her luggage for a couple of days and borrowed my dress.
I wore the Kopertowy dress twice this year. Once to work from home and to an event in September. 
Working from home in style. And my favorite shade of blonde. Seriously hoping all my hair goes grey soon so I can be platinum all the time.
I enjoyed the flowered Krokus dress immensely this summer. 
My favorite new style of shirt that I purchased this year was the Francuzka.
This fall heading to lunch and working from home.
Bright purple in Prague.
I also still love my Skubal long sleeve tops. This top has two layers of fabric on the front middle panel of the shirt which provides extra stomach coverage.
I wore the Dama to go clubbing last spring and again for Halloween. 
I’m a Trash Panda!
Urkye is offering Hourglassy readers a savings code! Code HOURGLASSY will give a 20% discount for almost all items (excluding the “New in” section) and is valid until the end
of the year 2022. What is more, this code will be combined with the personal discount for registered Customers (up to additional 10% off). It will also combine with a special discount for new registered Customers (additional 5% for first

Have any of you purchased a great fuller bust top or dress from Urkye this year?