When I moved last July, I was puzzled as to what I owned that filled 21 boxes. Turns out it was toiletries and clothing. In my pursuit of the perfect minimalist wardrobe I was buying and getting rid of a lot clothing. Luckily, my sister takes about 70% of my clothing so my shopping is not a total waste.

My sister didn’t like all of my full-busted finds for the last few years, so below are a few items up for grabs to the Hourglassy community.

I ordered this Urkye shirt last summer and it does not fit. It is size 46 2/3. The material is thick and has almost no stretch. It is brand new with tags.

This navy dress is a size 16 from H&M. It’s lovely but the high neckline bothers me so much. It looks expensive when you are wearing it and is made of a sturdy non-stretch fabric.

This is a body-con Pepperberry (former name of Bravissimo clothing) dress. The size is 16 Really/Super Curvy. I’m not sure why I bought this on eBay but I am hopeful that it will look lovely on one of our readers.

The final item of clothing is a plaid blazer also from Pepperberry. It is size 18 Really Curvy and I don’t wear it at all. I’m not sure what the fabric is but it is not wool.

I’m also giving away two pairs of Evelyn Bobbie brand new hipsters in size 16-24. These were gifted to me and are incredibly comfortable. They fit around my waist but were a bit to big in the behind area for me.

I took these photos in October and my measurements in the photos are  49-40.5-46 and I am 5’7. Email me at jennifer@hourglassy.com if you would like any of these clothing items and I will mail them to you.

Has anyone else been going through their closet?