Side View Bravissimo Denim Jacket

You might remember that last winter I wrote about incorporating jackets and blazers into my wardrobe. One of those jackets was a Pepperberry denim jacket (former name of Bravissimo clothing) that I had purchased on eBay.

Pepperberry Denim Jacket

In this post I am wearing the Pepperberry denim jacket as well as the Bravissimo denim jacket both in US 14 Super Curvy (18 Super Curvy in British sizing). Both jackets are made of a heavy non-stretch denim and neither have pockets.

Pepperberry Denim Jacket

The older Pepperberry jacket is cut bigger than the newer Bravissimo jacket and I always button it. The Bravissimo jacket currently available is a much slimmer fit that looks good unbuttoned. It sells for $110 and comes in US Sizes 4-14 in Curvy, Really Curvy and Super Curvy and also comes in grey, white, black, pink and light denim.

Bravissimo Denim Jacket

Based on this comparison it definitely seems that the Pepperberry version of the denim jacket is cut bigger and baggier than the current Bravissimo version. Have any of you purchased a Pepperberry or Bravissimo denim jacket?