Here comes Leah’s review of the Bravissimo “Padded Jacket” in oyster.

I’m wearing size US 8 (UK 12) Super Curvy. I measure 38”-29”-43” with height 5’6” and I wear bra size UK 28GG/ 30G.

I actually liked this jacket slightly better than the green longline one. It’s the exact same fabric content (100% nylon fabric and 100% polyester padding fill), yet it felt slightly warmer.

Additionally, the exterior fabric doesn’t feel as swishy and slippery. It has more of a “stick” to it, which feels a little more substantial in the hand. It’s described as “quick-dry” in Bravissimo’s online description whereas the green one is not, so perhaps there’s a coating on the nylon?

I also really like that it has stretchy ribbed cuffs inside the sleeve openings—something I felt was lacking in the green one.

Further, I happened to notice that all the interior seams are finished really beautifully. I don’t know the sewing technique name when you cover the seams in this piping-like style, but I’m a big fan and see it rarely.

Okay, so let’s talk fit! I stuck with my usual 8 in this coat instead of sizing down to the 6 like I did with the green coat. I could have done a 6, but in this case I went for a slightly more generous fit, imagining it with snowpants (for skiing!) and for ease of movement (ice skating!).

Without sizing down, it’s obviously bulkier. But it still achieves that nipped in waist, especially when viewed from the back.

Another great design choice: The zipper pockets perfectly align with the princess seams, so you get a nice, clean line:

In terms of winter functionality, as mentioned above I do feel that this one is warmer than the longline…but not by that much. I would safely call this a “winter coat,” not a fall jacket…but I would probably still reach for my heavier down coat in temperatures below freezing.

However, for fashion purposes, I really like this coat! I love the “winter whites” look (even though I always seem to stain my white clothes). As with the rest of the Hourglassy crew, I was worried I would look like a marshmallow or the Michelin Man, but I don’t think that’s the case at all. This coat is totally cute and so fresh.

I especially like it paired with my red sweater dress in these photos for a subtle holiday look. And I can just imagine myself in fleece tights and a flouncy skirt, figure skates on my feet and fuzzy earmuffs on my head to finish off the look, while I skate at Central Park’s Lasker Rink (one of my favorite winter activities).

A chic puffer coat—who’d of thought??