All five of us tried Bravissimo’s long green puffer coat—and we all liked it a lot! Here are links to Darlene and Jen’s reviews, and Noelle’s and Diana’s are coming up.

I measure 38”-29”-43” and height 5’6” with bra size UK 28GG/30G. I took US 6 Really Curvy (UK 10RC) in this coat.

I normally wear a US 8 (i.e. medium). In this case, I tried 8RC, 6RC, and 4SC (Super Curvy). While the 4 was definitely the best fitted on my waist, the shoulders and hips were too tight. The 8 was extra comfy in the shoulders, but not very fitted in the waist. So the 6 ended up being just right!

I was wearing a medium-weight sweater this day, and felt that I would’ve been just as comfortable in a heavier sweater or more layers. Any time a long coat has a two-way zipper, I tend to keep the bottom few inches open for ease of movement at my hips, and this coat was no exception.

Features that I liked:

  • The fitted shape
  • The snap placket over the zipper
  • The two-way zipper
  • The hood and high neck
  • Pockets that zip shut (no worry of your phone slipping out!)

However, having grown up in the snowiest city in the United States (Syracuse, NY), I thought there was room for improvement that would make this more of a serious winter coat and less of a “jacket”:

  • Bigger hood with a drawstring (maybe even faux fur trim)
  • Cuffs at the wrists (ribbed or fleece fabric)
  • Fleece or flannel lining in the pockets
  • Heavier exterior fabric

Regarding the fabric, the exterior and lining is a swishy nylon that feels a bit like a sleeping bag. I appreciate that it’s soft and flexible, but it’s not water-proof (though online reviews note that it dries really fast). The stuffing is 100% polyester, a standard and reliable puffer filling.

For me, I wouldn’t wear this coat in temperatures below freezing, but Noelle and Jen both seemed to prefer the idea of wearing it as a fall jacket more than a winter coat (for example, while I wanted wrist cuffs, they were happier without).

I think it’s best to appreciate this coat for what it is—a jacket for cool fall or mild winter winter—and hope that Bravissimo introduces a heavy-duty (down-filled?) winter parka in future years. I could really use a new one, but I want it to be fitted and flattering in addition to warm and waterproof!