My sister, Teresa, was in town last weekend and she wanted to check out the new Bravissimo store in NYC. It was 90 degrees out last Saturday which was not inspiring to buy cold weather clothes. While I didn’t buy anything, I did take some low production value selfies to share with you of the new fall clothing at Bravissimo. I am 5’7 and measure 50-39-45 currently.

First up is the textured jersey blazer in midnight blue. This looks fantastic on me and was comfortable. It retails for a $125 and I’m wearing the 18 Really/Super Curvy. I tried out blazers and jackets last winter and I am still on the fence if this is a look I want to keep wearing. This blazer does have stretch but mostly I find blazers and jackets feel too constricting. Maybe once it gets colder out I’ll be more willing to commit to layering pieces to keep me warm. I am wearing my normal UK 18 Really/Super Curvy.

Next, I tried the ring detail dress in a size smaller than my usual – UK 16 Super Curvy. Mostly, I was curious to see if a fitted dress in size 16 would fit better in the hips. The size fit nicely in the hips although it was tight around my full bust. This dress is definitely appropriate for work – no cleavage and not too short. Most likely I will not buy this as I don’t like the flare on the short cap sleeves (my shoulders are already broad without making them wider) and in my normal size 18 it would also require alterations to fit in the hips. The cost is a $110.

I’ve been eyeing the Caitlan dress since it popped up on the website. This is a cute dress but I’m just not comfortable with such a low wrap top (me 10 or 15 years ago would have been all about this!). It’s a good length on me, fits well and I love the color. This retails for $100 and I’m wearing the 18 Really/Super Curvy

Lastly, I tried on the Cleo dress. This is a double thick sweater dress, making it super warm and also great at skimming over the body. I like this dress and it might end up in my closet. It’s long enough, fits great and I can wear it to work or on the weekend. It’s a $110 and I’m wearing the 18 Really/Super Curvy. But I’ve also been fantasizing about a cashmere sweater dress and will probably only be buying one dress this winter so I’m not sure yet.

I did notice that all of the dresses I tried on seem longer than in seasons past. This is fantastic for me at 5’7 but maybe not so great for my petite friends. Have any of you tried Bravissimo’s new fall styles?