The arrival of Bravissimo’s first state side store has caused much excitement for the Hourglassy team! For me personally, Bravissimo dresses are a main component of my wardrobe (half new/half eBay finds) that have increased my self-image considerably.

Bravissimo’s Oxford Circus Store (photo from Bravissimo)

Being a cusp size with a 36HH chest means that most dresses in misses sizing don’t fit. Before I started wearing Bravissimo my wardrobe revolved around sweaters with jeans (even in the summer), shirt dresses that belted and stretchy jersey dresses. These were my only options in a constant struggle to look professional in a business casual work space. Sundresses with smocking in the back (and a thin strapped Victoria’s Secret bra – obviously in the wrong size) or jeans and tees were my weekend look of choice.

Shopping this past Sunday with Darlene and the Hourglassy readers during our takeover of the new Bravissimo store was special to me. Since high school I have avoided shopping for clothing with friends. If I ended up shopping with friends I would make up excuses for not trying anything on or just try on jeans or going out party clothing. Finding dresses that are appropriate for Las Vegas nightclubs is one area that us large breasted women excel at. The sheer joy of trying on clothing that fits my body and then showing my friends in the dressing room cannot be overstated.

My First Bravissimo Dress from London

This past Sunday was my second visit to a Bravissimo store. I went to their Oxford Circus store in London in January 2018. While I only bought one dress that day, I was probably in the dressing room for 45 minutes. I couldn’t believe it. How was it possible that everything I tried on fit me? That I could wear clothing made of woven fabric? I broke down in tears in that London dressing room. This was the first time in decades that a dress made of woven fabric zipped up smoothly and fit both my chest, waist and hips. The last non-stretch dress I could zip up was in the fall of 1992 when I was in seventh grade. It was an off the shoulder black floral dress with a full skirt from the DEB Shop (a cheap teenage clothing store that went up to size 13/14 and is now an online shopping site for plus size fashions).

And my first Bravissimo dress was on sale!

This past week I’ve been wondering will a Bravissimo store within walking distance of my home (seriously it’s only .8 miles!) cause me to shop more or less? Only time will tell, but I am so looking forward to the ease of a quick trip to Bravissimo. My hope is that with this beautiful new flagship store in Manhattan that more and more women discover clothing made for fuller busts and that they also experience the joy of wearing clothing that fits properly and makes them feel good.