After my “almost win” with the smocked-back sundress from Petite Studio, I was super excited when Jen told me that Old Navy carries this bust-friendly sundress every year. The more I studied their site, the more smocked options I found, including this flowy maxi in a print I love–it reminds me of my favorite summer dress in college.

The size M completely encompassed my chest, and if I adjusted the straps to their tightest level, it also completely covered the Wacoal Red Carpet strapless (affiliate link).However, this coverage comes at the expense of waistline boobs. Look what happens when I lower the neckline and waistline by loosening the straps.My big boobs look higher and smaller, and I actually look like I have a waist! Unfortunately, look what happens to the side view.The dart shows it’s really not supposed to be at my waist, but I want to make it work there anyways. At only $22 (50% off over Memorial Day weekend), I wish I’d purchased a second one to supplement the first. All I needed was a little triangle of matching fabric to cover my bra. What to do?

I ended up cutting fabric from the bottom and using it to fill in the space. Tomorrow I’ll show you the results!