I’ve been writing about Empreinte since my first visit to Curve in 2011, so we have a lot of posts about it on this blog. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand and how it fits, you can scroll to the bottom of this post to find links for more context.

When Empreinte asked me to choose a piece from their SS19 collection, it just had to be the Ashley.

This is the “low-necked” version of the Ashley that I own. There are two layers of tulle at the base of each cup. This style is available in 32-40 C-G

I requested a G because I don’t currently fit 32F, but a 32 because I find Empreinte bands to be generous (I wear a 34G in the Panache Envy). Happily, the 32G is just right! There is absolutely no stretch in an Empreinte bra cup, so there was a tiny bit of tissue poof above my left cup (my largest breast), but that has already begun disappearing after a week of skiing. The 32 band is perfectly comfortable–firm but not too tight on the loosest hook.

The full-cup style has an unembroidered lace overlay on the bottom half of the cups and comes in 34-46 C-G.

Actually, comfort is the surprise benefit of this bra! A few weeks ago, I began feeling shoulder pain under my purse strap, so I started holding all my bags on my arm and wearing Sugar Candy Crush at home. Now I can gravitate to my Empreinte Ashley as well! The firm elastic straps are quite wide with just the right amount of give, and they’re neither scratchy nor stiff. I wouldn’t usually notice a detail like this, but the first time I put the Ashley on, my shoulder thanked Empreinte for having such high standards.

I also wore this bra on my 4.5 hour flight from JFK to SLC. When we finally lugged all our groceries and ski equipment into our little apartment, I realized that I hadn’t given the Ashley a second thought all day. This was maybe my fourth time to wear the bra, so it’s still pretty new, but there was no break-in period.

As I’ve already mentioned, this bra is simply gorgeous. The embroidery has a special lacquered effect that pops out of my lingerie drawer and makes me want to wear it all the time. It also comes in “Jardin d’été”.

Empreinte has even created an Ashley top!

Here are the other lovely pieces coming from Emreinte this season.

Cassiopée in fuchsia. In addition to the seamless lace, there’s a spacer plunge with multi-way straps and an original spacer. Up to G.
This is the Verity in “bleu ciel”. The seamless lace bra is more like the Kaela and goes to a G. The spacer goes to an H.
The Louise has a guipure lace border along the cups. The balconette also has guipure on its band.
The Kate is a combination of Cassiopée-like embroidered tulle with the shape and lift of a cut-and-sew. White is a fashion color!
This season Apolline comes in “tender pink”.

This summer’s swimwear comes in a riot of vibrant colors. Empreinte has begun using a new fabric that is more drape-y while remaining fast-drying and stain-resistant. The TZ shape that I reviewed, has been so successful that it is now available in every collection. There is a new control shape called the “VN”  that goes to a G cup and has draping pleats made possible by the new fabric. The VN also has multi-way straps that can also be worn as a halter-neck.

The Light collection.
The Pixel collection.
The Casual collection. Notice the angled leg opening of the black bottoms. You can see this in the Move collection as well.
The Move collection.
The Sunset collection. For reference, the plunge fits like the Thalia. Also, the side ties on the bottoms are fully functional, not just decorative.
The Curl collection.

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