You already know how much I admire Empreinte bras, but I had never tried their swimwear until the company sent me a review sample for my trip to Hawaii. Since we’re entering spring break season, now is the perfect time to tell you all about a suit that I expect to wear for many years to come. Please note that all opinions are my own.

Empreinte gave me a one-piece in the TZ style, which is extremely popular with their large-busted customers. One reason is the high back which, while it isn’t adjustable, acts like a firm bra band and contributes to the suit’s support.

empreinte tz 2


empreinte tz 11

Since I was wearing a 32F in their bras at the time, that’s the size they sent me. However, since I slightly pillowed over the top of their Erin in 32F at the time, I was very nervous that the cups of the swimsuit would be too small and I’d have to leave it behind. Not to worry–the cups fit perfectly!

empreinte tz 10

empreinte tz 18

The empire waist lies exactly where it’s supposed to–beneath my chest without bifurcating it.

empreinte tz 12

In fact, if you study the sides of my chest, you may be thinking, “I bet there’s room for a much more voluminous bust in there,” and you would be right! Unlike Empreinte’s bra cups that are composed entirely of rigid fabric, the stretchy swimsuit fabric can easily accommodate boobs that are fuller on top than mine, and there is plenty of space between the base of my boobs and the empire waist at the sides to accommodate boobs with a wider root than mine.

empreinte tz 5

Due to a crazed month of ice cream eating after Hawaii, I no longer merely pillow over the cups of my Empreinte Erin; I boil over them. So when I packed my TZ suit to visit family in Florida this past week, I got to prove that this 32F one-piece can actually fit someone who is now a 34G!


If you notice that I’m not as lifted in this picture, it’s because I loosened the straps because the Hawaii settings felt too tight with my new bra size. However, I could probably get away with something a little more secure than what I wore in Florida.

Before I move on to how the body of the suit fits, let’s take a look at the interior of the cups. You know those delicate corset tops that are all over the fashion magazines and that wouldn’t possibly contain our large breasts? Well, if the designers took a page from Empreinte’s swimsuit construction, they would!


Essentially, the Empreinte TZ chest is comprised of two supportive layers. The interior layer is constructed of a narrow band beneath wireless cups in a soft slightly stretchy fabric. (Side note: while the band lies beneath my breasts and the cups contain them, I do get some breast foldover that could cause some under-boob sweat, but so far I haven’t noticed or been bothered by it.)

The band and bridge are connected to the cups by a rigid mesh.


The seams across the interior cups are not connected to the seams across the exterior cups, but they line up perfectly. (Another side note: my nipples do not line up perfectly with the seams, but I’m fine with that. The seams are the reason there’s absolutely no boob-smashing going on in this suit.)


(By the way, the color in real life is much more vivid than captured in these photos.)

The TZ suit provides the kind of support that lets a full-busted woman walk and swim without self-consciousness. I wouldn’t run in it, but it didn’t feel at all bouncy for my normal beach and pool activities.

empreinte tz 15

empreinte tz 14

Admittedly, there is one thing I do feel self-conscious about whenever I study these photos, and that is the bulges in my lower half. The torso exterior is made of an amazing weight fabric that is 61% polyamide and 39% Lycra (most brands only have 20%) and is meant to withstand chlorine, UV rays and perspiration, and the interior is lined with a slightly softer version of the fabric that makes up the chest layer.


The suit is smoothing and solid, but it is not one of those power mesh suits that promises to suck you in like a girdle. That’s not going to stop me from wearing this suit, though. I adore the color on me and the design detail of the ruffle under my chest. And who’s looking in a mirror when they’re busy having fun in the sun?


However, if I were purchasing a TZ suit with my own money, I would probably opt for one of their more tummy-camouflaging styles available this spring. Aren’t these new styles adorable??!

tz lavender hound

tz strip red

tz blue hound

tz stripe blue


Finally, performance. Although I’ve worn the suit three times so far, I’ve only swum in it once. That time, I jumped and moved every conceivable way, and everything felt completely secure.

If you’d like to try Empreinte swimwear yourself, you can purchase it online at Bare Necessities or Her Room, or you can find it in person at these boutiques:

  • Lion’s Lair Boutique, Islamorada, FL
  • Soleil Toile, Westport, CT
  • Town Shop, New York, NY
  • SOL Lingerie, Denver, CO
  • Barbara’s New Beginnings, Indianapolis, IN
  • Jenette Bras, Los Angeles and Pasadene, CA
  • Petticoat Fair, Austin, TX
  • Les Boudoirs, Agoura Hills, CA
  • Lace and Day, Buffalo, NY
  • Best Rack Around, Leesburg, VA
  • Bra Genie, Mandeville, LA
  • Top Drawer Lingerie, Houston, TX
  • Sea Cup and Up, Sarasota, FL
  • Sylene of Washington, Chevy Chase, MD

(There are a few stores on this list I’ve never heard of–it makes me want to explore.)

Look for a report on the other Empreinte swim styles soon!