Sorry I haven’t written much lately, readers. A colleague and I started our own business back in September and lately we’ve really been ramping things up chasing after new clients and projects, so I’ve been super busy. Then I got sick for three weeks!

I’ve also been on a real budget crunch as a side effect of being a small business owner, so I haven’t done much shopping and have nothing new to review. However, this week one of my favorite brands, Miss Candyfloss, announced in their Facebook community group that this year is their tenth anniversary, and they’re considering bringing back some of their previous styles as a celebration collection. So I’m going to review some of my MCF pieces from previous seasons. It might just come in handy later this year!

This week it’s the Teodora-Kat dress (which is still available in sizes XL, 2XL, and 3XL at This was part of the “Femme Fatale” collection from fall 2018. I bought several items from this season (back when I still had disposable income!) and really had to restrain myself from purchasing even more. This dress was my top choice that I knew I would buy the moment the lookbook went public. I even woke up early the day of its release so as not to miss out on my size, since MCF’s most popular items often sell out in mere minutes.

Teodora-Kat features a paneled A-line skirt, lightly puffed short sleeves, plaid tweed trim, and an invisible zipper up the back. Sadly, it does not have pockets. MCF tends to only include decorative functional pockets, rarely on-seam or hidden ones. It’s made of 63% polyester, 32% viscose, 5% spandex, with some firm stretch.

In these photos, I measure 38”-29”-42” and height 5’6”. I’m wearing an Ewa Michalak S bra in size 65G (UK 30G).

On MCF’s size chart, my bust is almost a large but my waist is between small and medium. I usually take a medium in most brands, including MCF. But thanks to the often flexible bust construction and the stretch, I’ve also purchased size small in some designs. In this case, with no belt or waistband detailing, I worried that the waist would be loose…but I also didn’t think the bust and shoulders looked very flexible, so I went with medium and hoped for the best.

I think the bust and shoulders are perfect, and the waist is only a little less firm that I would prefer. Here’s a photo of me pulling the waist snug, and I don’t think you can really see much of a difference:

The bust is very flattering, and I think it actually makes my boobs look smaller due to the way the pleating lies and the way the fabric drapes at the underbust area. I don’t usually go for styles that minimize the look of my chest (I like my boobs!), but I must admit it’s nice to have something that is work-friendly but still doesn’t look too “buttoned up.”

There is no stretch at all in the woven tweed trim, and I must admit it’s a little scratchy. So ladies with broader shoulders or a thicker neck might find it a little claustrophobic. But that’s a small price to pay for such a dynamite dress, right??