Today, I’m bringing you one of my rare “fitting the bottom half of the hourglass” reviews. I recently picked up a pair of Miss Candyfloss “Nicola” high-waist skinny pants that fit amazingly. I only wish I had discovered these pants sooner, because the only color left in my size was red. I would kill to get these in black and navy!

My measurements make buying pants very tough. I have a suuuuuper long torso, so most pants labeled “high-waist” are actually mid-rise on me. “Mid-rise” ends up being low-rise, and “low-rise” is a total no-go. With a 29/30” waist and 42” hips, my waist typically falls under small or medium and my hips large or sometimes even XL. I also have pretty muscular calves (15” diameter at the widest point), so even “curvy” skinny pants are sometimes too tight to fit below the knee.

But these pants from MCF are a different story—they are truly high-rise and hit me at my natural waist. Additionally, they’re made of a thick yet soft and flexible cotton/polyester/spandex blend that molds to my body and flatters my tummy yet retains its shape.

In addition to fitting supremely well, there are several details that make these pants truly versatile and special. For one thing, those buttons on the side are functional. Instead of a side or front zipper that might crinkle up, they button up on left side to enhance your curves.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ll find a skirt or pants that should fit my waist, but then the zipper is so short that I can’t pull them over my hips even when fully open. But in this case, the buttons are not only an awesome visual detail, but they go far enough down the leg that I don’t have any trouble pulling them over my hips. In fact, I can even leave the bottom three or four buttons undone and still slide them on with no trouble.

Next, pockets! Due to the button closure, the left side has no pocket. However, the pocket on the right side is nice and deep. Its edge is a bit visible, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay. Even the pockets in back are functional, not just decorative (whoever invented fake decorative pockets on women’s clothing should die in a fire!).

Speaking of the back, I’m pretty impressed with the lack of visible panty-lines. If I stand at just the right angle, you can see a little VPL, but it’s so minimal that I don’t even bother with fancy seamless underwear. In these photos, I’m wearing the Dear Kate Hazel Sport Hipsters (reviewed here), which have edge trim that can be slightly visible with tight or jersey-fabric bottoms.

Finally, I really appreciate the built-in cuffs at the bottom of the legs. My legs are quite short; I always buy “ankle” or “short” length pants when I can, which are actually standard length on me. So I was surprised to see that these are an appropriate length with no hemming. However, it made me worry that taller ladies (or even gals the same height as me but more standard proportions) would find them too short. But the cuffs mean there is plenty of fabric to let the length out. Or for more petite fans, to fold them up another cuff and still have it look natural. Everyone wins!

I really, really hope MCF releases more skinny pants soon!