There were so many additions to my wardrobe this year. Changing cities and having a different office dress code prompted me to spend way too much on clothing this year. I’m not adding it up because I don’t want to know and New Year’s Resolution #1 for 2019 is to stick to my monthly budget for my wardrobe and spending in general.

But what was the best item that I bought this year that I reached for continuously? My denim shirt from Bravissimo! This shirt isn’t cheap – $90 is pricey, but I purchased it in March and have worn it consistently since. I wore it multiple times a week during the very cold spring we had on the East Coast. It was great for casual Fridays in the summer to fight against the office A/C. I wore it knotted at my waist over dresses this fall instead of a jacket. Now that it’s cold out I reach for this shirt way more often than I reach for my black cashmere sweater.

The shirt was a bit tight around the chest when I bought it however thanks to my ten-pound weight loss it fits better in the chest. I do need to have the hips altered in 2019 as it definitely is not as fitted as it was when I bought it. I own the size 14 SC (18 SC in UK sizing).

Do any of you have a favorite fashion item from 2018?