My no-shopping ban has been partially successful. In the last two weeks I have only purchased two pairs of tights and a pair of work-out pants. The original plan was to continue my no-shopping ban from mid-October to the end of November. However, I feel much more in control of my shopping urges so I am lifting the ban and pledging to stick to my budget this month.

As I re-enter the world of online shopping, I plan to focus on actual clothing needs and not just pretty items that strike my fancy in the moment. Most likely this month, I will be purchasing the crop notch neck cardigan in black from Bravissimo and trying out bras without underwires. Any suggestions for comfortable bras in a 38GG that won’t make me feel like I am being stabbed in the armpit when I make a sudden movement?

In line with my no-shopping ban when a dress popped up on eBay in size 16 Super Duper Curvy I didn’t buy it. Well, I did bid on it, but was instantly outbid and then the price skyrocketed to almost $40.00! I’m not sure how long this size was actually produced and only knew of its existence from a review on the Bravissimo website complaining that this size was no longer available. I can’t help but think this size would solve my problems with the fitted dresses from Bravissimo since every non-stretch dress I try on I end up returning because the waist and the hips are too big.

I have been watching sales of Bravissimo/Pepperberry dresses on eBay for the past few months and $40 for a used Bravissimo dress (or in eBay vocab pre-worn) is high. Which makes me wonder if a used dress goes for double the normal amount in the SDC size – how many women would benefit from being able to buy this size new? How many of you have issues with the waist and hips still being too big once it fits your chest even in bust-friendly clothes made to solve this problem?