Exactly 10 years ago today I published my first two posts after almost everyone else had left the law firm for the day: a welcome and a promise to review shirts from Bravissimo. A few days later I announced that, having tried three local bra stores, I now wore a Wacoal 36DDD! Who even knows what size I should have been wearing???

I have learned SO MUCH in the past ten years, and hopefully you’ve learned along with us. We’re overdue for a reader survey, so look for one soon–we need to know your interests!

If one of your interests is an amazing chain of three lingerie stores in the Bay Area, then I cannot say enough good things about Revelation in Fit. I’ve spent the last three days listening to their fitters respect and care for everyone who visited or called. One reason I think they’re so skilled is that almost every fitter began as a customer there! And they carry Ewa Michalak, which as you know, is shorthand to me for a bra store that really knows its stuff. (I also had the chance to try the steel-colored Cleo Spencer long line in 34G. It fit perfectly and was incredibly comfortable. They told me that Panache is NOT planning to bring this out in the crimson as originally planned for this season, so if you’ve been wanting to try this long line, don’t waste any time. You can call Revelation in Fit to see if they still have your size, or click our Amazon affiliate link.)

One of their fitters also obliged me with these before-and-after shots. I almost ALWAYS wear my shirts untucked because I think it lengthens my torso, but lately I’ve been experimenting with tucking for a more polished look. I’m hoping to delve into this a little more in a future post. Speaking of trends (in my last post) I’m pretty pleased with my leopard print belt find!

And just for fun, with no idea if you have ANY interest, here’s a photo of my closet-converted-to-a-bed in my hostel.

I was getting ready in the dark at 3:00 am today so that I wouldn’t wake up my roommates as I prepared for my flight from San Francisco back to New York. My trip wasn’t glamorous, but it certainly was an adventure!

You know one thing that made it especially worthwhile? Reader Catherine visited me at my pop up shop in Los Altos. We got to talk about so many things in such a short time, and she’s given me some great brand recs that I’ll be sharing here soon.

My next trip is to Austin, Texas. If you’re in the area and would like to connect on November 7, 8 or 9, let me know!!!