Summer is almost over, but here’s one more swimsuit photo because Serena looks so incredible in this Gottex* Essence one-piece swimsuit (affliliate link).

The same friends who shared their US Open Opening Night tickets with us last year are giving them to us again, and this time we’re going to watch Serena play! Last year we got to see former large-busted Simona Halep, and I had a lot of thoughts on the difference between Halep and Williams when it came to their attitudes towards their large chests. Tonight I’ll be studying Serena’s Berlei** sports bra in action.

Halep is now ranked #1, and Serena has launched own clothing line. Curious whether a full-busted celebrity would design bust-friendly clothes, I started with the tops on her website and was disappointed to find a lot of of basic tees and oversized shirts and this very un-bust-flattering cropped sweatshirt.

She has two dresses on her site, however, that I think are very promising. The varsity zipper dress has a flattering V-neck, and the striped detail on the left arm ends just below the chest–a great way to group it with the neckline rather than the waist.

Since it’s a knit, it’s going to be forgiving at the bust line and hips. I feel like the biggest challenge would be length–if you’re short, the zipper is going to keep you from being able to hem it.

Thanks to Instagram, we can see how this dress looks in real life. Here it is on a full-busted fitness model.

Here it is on one of the founders of @thecurvycon.

Here it is on Serena herself. I’m assuming it still fits if she zips it up all the way, although you can see from this and the photos above that someone with a large chest is going to have to be comfortable displaying cleavage or add a camisole to the mix.

Her denim dress is the other one that I think has promise.

I love the detachable chain straps and stretch denim, but it’s the seaming up the bib that pleases me most–does this mean there’s room for boobs without smashing them?

Here it is on Serena herself.

I was going to end this post with an exclamation that even her bralettes might work for D cups and up because Serena posts a photo of herself wearing one. Then I saw this perceptive comment from a follower in Australia:

I’m such a big fan of Serena. She’s the greatest, strongest, coolest, most impressive person. But I wish her collection launched with more of a size range for curvier women. This looks amazing on Serena, but comparing it to the product shots with the skinny models – the shape looks different, looks like there’s a Berlei bra under the crop. (I buy all Berlei bras because of Serena’s endorsement!) Can’t wait to see the expanded range in the new season.”

Now I see the sports bra, too! Do you?

* Gottex intrigues me. Becky from Becky’s Boudoir wears a 30H bra and published a great review of one of their one-pieces in June. Leah wrote about a Profile Blush by Gottex in 2015. Currently the Gottex website gives options that only accommodate D cups, and the Essence one-piece only has soft cups–no underwire. How is it possible that Serena looks so amazing in it???

** It looks like Berlei sports bras go up to a UK G cup, and when I finally get around to trying one, it will be this extreme impact underwire (affiliate link). If you’ve tried it, please tell me about your experience!

Completely unrelated to Serena Williams, the Bloom sports bra is another one on my want-to-try list.