The final days of summer are here. I am fleeing New York City and getting in my last weekend at the beach. Lucky for me – my sister and her husband/kids happen to live in Cape Cod. Labor Day on the Cape brings to mind images of pastel polo shirts with popped collars, Nantucket Reds and Lily Pulitzer. I own none of this clothing, so let’s see how my city clothes translate to a weekend in a seaside town, oh and there are three kids under ten so my wardrobe needs to be washable and kid friendly.

My first step in traveling is always to create a list of potential outfits for each day. When doing this it’s best to keep in mind the weather, your travel days, any activities at your destination and where you are staying. My activities for this weekend include the gym with my sister and the beach with the kids so I need a bathing suit and workout gear in addition to my normal clothing.

Day 1: I am working half the day before catching my afternoon train. I chose a black sleeveless dress from Bravissimo with white cotton sneakers – cause it’s casual Friday and I will be hauling a suitcase around. Also going to bring my white cardigan in case the office or the train is cold.

Day 2: Going for comfort this day in long cut-off jean shorts and a princess seam tank from Urkye (I also have this in red). Guessing this will also be a beach day so I am bringing my swimsuit (it’s a hand me down from my sister – I definitely need to up my swimsuit game next summer).









Day 3: Planning to wear my zip front sleeveless black print dress from Bravissimo with a white tee knotted at the waist. This might also be a beach day so I can always wear Day 2’s jean shorts with Day 3’s white tee.








Day 4: I’m spending the morning on the Cape and then traveling back to the City. I chose my White House Black Market knit sheath in navy with white stripes. It’s the only nautical clothing I own and one of my favorite most comfortable dresses – which makes it great for a seaside town and a travel day.

I’m bringing three pairs of shoes, the least amount I can get away with since they take up so much room in my luggage. I mostly plan to wear my white cotton sneakers, but I’m also bringing my workout sneakers and flip-flops for the beach.

In case it gets cold – I’m packing a pair of black button front jeans and my denim shirt from Bravissimo. Seriously, if you can only buy one thing from Bravissimo buy this shirt!








Not pictured are my workout pants, my Bravissimo workout jacket, a black loose fit tee, socks, PJs and undergarments.

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Are any of you packing bust friendly clothing for a Labor Day Weekend trip?