This week will be my last preview of the A/W18 Curve expo, covering Curvy Kate this time.

At the last Curve show, we learned that head designer Charlotte Davies would be leaving CK. So this time, I got to meet the new designer, Olivia Wilson. Even though Olivia’s designs won’t be shown until the next Curve Expo, I can already see a few changes that I think are at least partly due to her influence.

The most obvious difference I notice is what Olivia called CK’s “fresh, new look,” which is reflected in the brand’s cleaner, brighter website (and this season’s matching lookbook). Some of the lingerie also reflects this change in the details, such as removing gore bows or replacing them with a simpler decoration.

I’m personally a big fan of these minor changes. The brand is still plenty youthful, but now it offers just a little more sophistication.

However, one thing I’m very much not a fan of is that Curvy Kate appears to be phasing out 28 bands. I didn’t even notice it until I got home and flipped through the lookbook, but of the 18 bra styles in the book, only three list 28 bands—Ellace, Daily Dream, and the Luxe strapless. There are even older styles that I know used to be offered in 28, such as Princess and Smoothie, that now start at 30. Why, Curvy Kate???

Well despite the fact that I apparently won’t be able to buy Curvy Kate bras since they’re no longer offered in my size, here are some of my favorite styles from A/W18…

The new “Victory” bra is emblematic of the cleaner look, with a keyhole cutout in the gore and little silver V-charms instead of bows. This wine color runs throughout the whole collection. Sizes 30-44 band, up to K-cups.
A closeup of Victory’s V-charm.
Olivia called “Lifestyle” the “little sister” to Victory. It features a plunge shape and glistening mesh fabric. I was particularly keen on this “petrol” color. Sizes 30-40 D-J.
“High Hopes” is a new lightly padded, seamed plunge style with a lace band. The seams are fixed to the foam so that the outer fabric can’t shift around. Sizes 30-40 D-J.
The new “Deluxe” is a fancier version of the Luxe strapless bra. Sizes 30-40 D-J.
My favorite piece of the season is “Dragonfly.” This black and wine colorway is so pretty! Sizes 30-44, up to J.
A closeup of Dragonfly.
Dragonfly also comes in a plunge babydoll!
From Scantilly, “Encounter” combines the playfulness of Curvy Kate with the trendiness we’ve come to expect from Scantilly. Sizes 30-40 DD-HH.
I love the new Scantilly “Brazen.” It may not look that unique from afar, but it’s hiding a little secret…
…The fabric is quilted! I just love this texture. Sizes 30-38 DD-HH.
Finally, we arrive at swimwear. Starting this season, all CK Swim uses “Extra Life Lycra” for better quality and longevity. There are also more strap multiway options across the line. These “Maya” sets were definitely the standouts. I love the colorblocking and flattering structure. I wonder if the one-piece would be long enough for my freaky torso…? Bandeau sizes 28-38 D-J, one-piece 30-44, up to J.