Recently I read this comment in a discussion on a private FB page

I am more surprised that busty blogs are dying out too.

When I found Urkye – Biubiu many years ago , there was I found a review of almost all of their items , often multiple ones form the same item .
On the other hand , now there are so few items out there , but still barely any review of them .

For example , Urkye Dama style came out last year , they had short sleeve top , fit and flare dress , bodycon dress ( how long sleeve top) , but I yet to see a single review . It is a shame because I think this is one of their best cut for the hourglass figure . ( it may not be flattering for busty ladies that have tummy though )

Personally, I’m not sure WHY the reviews have died down. It could simply be the nature of blogging . . . we develop other interests, go through phases, or are so busy looking for the next big thing that we don’t keep up with the steady businesses that continue to serve us. In my case, unless someone offers me a review item, I tend to focus only on clothing that I really need and can justify purchasing. So when I read this comment and looked up the Dama pik dress, I thought, “Wow, that does look like an amazing style. Too bad I don’t need it.”

Then my husband’s uncle’s funeral happened in Toronto. I dug out my favorite Bitter Lollipop dress and felt amazing. But the fabric is pilling, and it made me think I should look into a new little black dress. Then I kept getting notices about the Urkye sale. Not only did I NEED a new LBD, but it wouldn’t wipe out my entire clothing budget. (The shipping budget is another story, unfortunately.)

It had been a long time since I’d ordered anything, and my measurements have changed again. I measure 41.5″ around the bust and 33″ around the waist. According to the size chart, I should wear a 44o/oo, but I wore a 44 when I reviewed the Mala, and I didn’t want to risk it being too big. The reviews I COULD find all seemed to agree that Urkye’s chart is true to size, but I decided to try the 40o/oo and 42o/oo sizes, keeping in mind what the commenter had said about busty ladies that have a tummy while also knowing that I may lose inches again. I also ordered the Mala dress in red in size 40o/oo because I had loved it in black so much. In the end, I kept the 42o/oo size and returned both dresses in the 40o/oo size. As you study the photos below, you will see that I am NOT bulge-free, but I’m okay with that.

As you might imagine, what I love most about this dress is the NECKLINE. And that it HAS SLEEVES.

On the left I’ve pushed the sleeves up. On the right is the length out of the package.

I had planned to hem the dress, but I let Leah and my tailor persuade me to keep the longer length. However, I can’t help feeling frumpy with the hem below my knees, and I notice it’s much shorter on the model on the website. I’m going to go ahead and have it shortened. Speaking of the taller model, I did have one alteration made for my shorter frame that I’ll describe in a separate post.

As far as styling goes, this dress isn’t as versatile as the Miriam Baker I reviewed last week–I can’t imagine layering it over a shirt, for instance–but it immediately stands on its own as elegant. I liked pairing it with a red blazer, and a denim jacket would make it more casual.

The fabric is nice. It doesn’t feel luxurious (in my dream world, this dress would come in a lined silk crepe!), but neither does it feel cheap. Below, you can see how it looked when I added Spanx (but kept the regular pantyhose–I should have worn stockings or bandless pantyhose!). I haven’t laundered the dress yet, but if it’s anything like the Mala, I don’t expect any issues. I’ll avoid the dryer to be safe.

Finally, the cost of shipping the three items to the United States came to around $30. The last time I placed a Urkye order, I never got around to returning the red blazer I knew I’d never wear, so I’m bringing it to our clothing swap on the 24th. This time, however, I was determined to return the two 40o/oo dresses. First class alone would have cost $23, but I decided to play it safe with a registered return receipt for a whopping total of $38.50. I can see why reviews are so important! For me, it was worth it to have the Dama pik dress in my closet.