Yesterday, Darlene reviewed the Sugar Candy bra in size Medium. Today, I’m reviewing it in XS and Small. Click here to start with Darlene’s post.

Just like Darlene, I was initially a bit skeptical of the Sugar Candy bra’s claims (affiliate link). But also like her, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I love it!

I’m currently wearing UK 28GG or 30G in most brands, which the Sugar Candy size chart puts at size XS. But I was doubtful that the smallest possible size would really be right for me, so they sent me two sizes to try.


Turns out I was correct, and the XS was significantly too small, with quad-boob, escaping tissue at the armpits, and a very low neckline.





However, once I put on the size small, it was a world of difference! This wire-free bra is super comfortable, yet contains and supports all your tissue amazingly well. It’s made of a thick nylon/elastane blend that’s beautifully soft and smooth, as well as strong and bouncy. Different textures and tensions provide a smooth feel over the cup while offering support under and between the breasts.

The support comes from a side sling and an underbust sling, each made of two layers of fabric (for a total of five layers of fabric in some overlapping spots). The underbust sling also continues up the center of the “gore” area, where it combines with vertical ribbed fabric to keep your breasts separated.





The Sugar Candy bra provides shockingly good support and separation, though as to be expected there isn’t much lift. However, under clothing, you still get a pretty good profile. It’s a little east-west from the front, a bit minimizing from the side, and overall quite rounded and natural-looking.











Just like Darlene, I’m super surprised and impressed by the level of separation I get in this bra. Most wireless bras and bralettes just squish your boobs together, which is not the most comfortable option. It’s been pretty cool in NYC this week, but I have to imagine this bra will be ultra-comfy on hot, sweaty days.

I also appreciate that there are six (six!) columns of hooks-and-eyes, as it makes the sizing quite flexible and inclusive. For me, it’s an absolute necessity, as I’m wearing the size Small on the third hook right off the bat.

My underbust measures 29”. The XS hooks range from 22” – 24.5” unstretched, and the band stretches fully to 32”. The size Small hooks go from 24.5” – 27” and the band stretches to 35”. So the XS band is better on me, and I wore it on the loosest hook. But the Small is fine and can still be shortened if the band stretches out slightly over time, thanks to all those hooks.

Overall, this bra is so comfy and looks good enough that I’d be tempted to wear it as a crop top. I quite liked the way it looked with the high-waisted skirt and pants I wore in all the photos here. Though, it doesn’t have much nipple coverage and it still looks like a bra from the back, so I don’t think I’ll actually be doing that…