After my last roundup of dresses from Trashy Diva, I’ve swapped a few and purchased a few more, so it’s time for another round! This time, I’m showing five winter options from the vintage reproduction brand. Really, they’re “mini” dresses, so they’re just as good for summer, but I wear them more in winter than my longer ones since they work well with tights and boots.

This time, I’m also going to list what the size chart says the measurements are, and will note if something feels smaller than the chart would suggest.

Once again, for fit assistance I’m 5’6” with a looooong torso and short legs. My figure is 37”-29”-41” and I’m between sizes for bras, at 28G/GG – 30FF/G. In the photos below, I’m wearing an Ewa Michalak PL bra in size 65G (30G).

Finally, I want to make a note about price. Trashy Diva is not cheap. These dresses are definitely an indulgence. However, I get many of mine second-hand through eBay and Facebook swap/sell groups, or wait until there’s a sale. So it is possible to be a TD fan on a budget. If the cost puts you off, I would suggest signing up for TD’s mailing list to be notified of sales, saving an eBay search for the brand, and checking sales apps often (such as Poshmark, Vinted, and Mercari). It’s common to find dresses from past years, but sometimes you can even find ones from the current season at a discount, after the original buyer removed the tags only to later decide it doesn’t fit or suit her.

1. Dolores Mini

Print name: Venice Nights
Fabric: Stretch rayon
Size: 8
Side zipper, half-length sleeves with puff shoulders, pockets
Measurements: Bust 37”, waist 29.5”




This print is one of my favorites. It’s so vibrant and lively. And with its release, Trashy Diva announced it was the first in a planned Tourist Print Collection series. I can’t wait to see what this year’s location will be!

As for fit, it’s pretty darn good. The waistband stays under my bust and the shoulders stay in place without me needing to pin them to my bra straps, like some of the other cross-over neckline styles. And I think the longer sleeves help balance out my chest. I measured it at 30″ flat in the waist, but it feels true to size in the bust, which is actually a little unfortunate since the bust is only 37”, whereas most TD size 8’s are listed at 38” or 39”. So it’s still flattering, but there’s a lot of visible cleavage.

Finally, I must say that this stretch rayon is a dream. It’s so soft and comfortable. I would not be sad if TD made nothing but stretch rayon items ever again. Note, however, that the waistband, with all those rows of stitches, doesn’t really stretch. So you can’t size down.

Boob-score: B

2. Sandy Mini

Print name: Psychedelic Ferns
Fabric: Stretch rayon
Size: 8
Side zipper, pockets
Measurements: Bust 37”, waist 29.5”




I reviewed an older rayon (non-stretch) Sandy Mini in my previous roundup, and it had a couple minor problems: the shoulders tended to slide off and there was a tiny bit of visible bra gore. But those problem are gone here! I’m not sure what the difference could be aside from the type of fabric, but here the shoulders stay in place just fine and there’s no visible bra—but there is more cleavage.

This one fits similarly to the Dolores Mini. The big difference is that it has cap sleeves and a fuller, more gathered skirt. It’s true to the size chart in the bust, but it feels tighter in the waistband than the Dolores, so I measured it flat and found that it’s 29″—an inch smaller than Dolores and a half-inch smaller than the chart. This is good news, though, because it means you could size up for more cleavage coverage and still have a properly fitted waist. But even without sizing up, these smoother shoulders mean you can wear a cardigan over it without looking like a line backer.

Boob-score: B

3. Camilla

Print name: Ruffled Feathers
Fabric: Stretch rayon
Size: 8
Side zipper, flutter sleeves, pockets
Measurements: Bust 37”, waist 29.5”




Oh man, I am obsessed with this print. I bought the Lena Sarong (which I reviewed in my last roundup) at full price upon release, then picked up the Camilla on Black Friday for a hefty discount. I was only going to keep one, but I couldn’t bear to part with either! This was Camilla’s first appearance, though TD has since released it in two other prints.

I didn’t realize until I wrote this review, but these first three dresses all have the exact same listed measurements. Camilla is true to the listed bust and waist, and the bodice fits the same as Dolores. The flutter sleeves do a pretty good job balancing my chest, but they can also be tucked into the arm holes for a sleeveless look or to keep a smooth line under a cardigan.

Boob-score: B

4. Bianca

Print name: Leopard
Fabric: Rayon Crepe de Chine
Size: 8
Side zipper, long sleeves, buttons at the wrist, pockets
Measurements: Bust 38”, waist 30”




I’m not usually a big animal print person, but when TD had a 50% sale on sale coupon, this dress just called to me!

It’s another flattering cross-over neckline. However, Bianca offers an extra inch in the bust measurement, and it really shows. There’s definitely less visible cleavage. The puffy sleeves are also really fun, and they combine with the small and busy print to camouflage big boobs. Note that the three buttons at each wrist are a little difficult to do up without assistance, and the wrists are tight, so you can’t slide them further up your arm. I definitely can’t wear a watch with this sleeve.

Boob-score: B+

5. Ballerina Mini

Print name: Smoke Leopard
Fabric: Heavyweight Cotton Stretch
Size: 8
Back zipper, pockets
Measurements: Bust 38.5”, waist 29”




Another leopard print! But this past season cutie is a more subtle grey and black version. I really love this cut. The V-neckline is very flattering, it gives just a hint of cleavage, and the bodice follows the contours of my body very well. Additionally, the fabric is quite thick and stiff, so it almost feels like shapewear and a sports bra, which leaves me feeling secure and looking quite svelte. The bust does feel a bit snug even though it’s supposed to fit up to 38.5” and I’m only 37”, but the little bit of stretch keeps it comfortable anyway. Definitely recommended for busty gals!

Boob-score: A

I still have several more summery TD dresses to review, so keep an eye out for that post once the weather warms up a bit!