I’m back to another clothing review from my favorite bust-friendly brand—Miss Candyfloss! MCF just started releasing the spring’s new “Housewife” collection, and this time I had the opportunity to review one of the first pieces, which means it’s still available to buy (unlike many of my past reviews when I wrote about garments after most sizes sold out)!

Disclosure: This item was received as a review sample. All opinions are my own and based entirely on my experience.

At first, I was a little skeptical of the “Housewife” label; it brings to mind the era when women had no choice but to be a housewife. But when MCF started previewing the new collection on Instagram, it was immediately clear that they were taking a humorous, more liberated point of view. Check out some of the posts:

Sneaky little preview for all those fierce women who love the stereotype 1950s housewife look. A dress for the not so desperate housewife. This dress will be available mid March. #newcollection #50s #womenswear #housewife #retro #retrolook #misscandyfloss #retrofashion #swingdress #swing #fierce #killerdress #girlboss #modernpinup #stepfordwife #sneakpeak #editorial #lookbook

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We might be obsessed with the stereotype 1950s housewife look but it does not mean we envision women doing all of the house work. In fact, chores are more fun when they are divided equally. Gents, take out those ironing boards and get to work ???????? Thank you Andreas for your modelling and ironing skills ? #ourvision #modernhousewife #equality #housewife #newcollection #girlboss #modernpinup #vintage #vintagestyle #vintagefashion #vintageinspired #pinupstyle #editorial #photoshoot #lookbook #misscandyfloss #fashionshoot #preppy #shirtdress #swingdress #swing #stepfordwife #desperatehousewife #notsodesperate

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“Morning coffee at its best”. We had so much fun shooting this collection. Miss C designer’s hubby Andreas jumped in to help us accomplish this shoot. We are so thankful to have the Miss C family we have. So blessed to have amazing models who can channel our design vision ? There is always so much laughter and hard work behind our shoots. If you would only know. #newcollection #housewife #retro #retrolook #misscandyfloss #retrofashion #swingdress #swing #editorial #fashionshoot #50s #50sfashion #womenswear #womensfashion #pinupfashion #household #vintagestyle #vintagefashion #vintageinspired #retrohousewife #girlboss

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(Note that the gentleman in these photos is the husband of one of the MCF designers!)

The dress I was sent is the Mariana in navy blue. It also comes in mint, blush, black, and red. Mariana is fairly similar to the Odette dress I reviewed a year ago, but there are some key differences that make it a little more casual—and also a little more fun!

Thursday was 63 degrees (F) in New York City! So I took Mariana for a springtime spin in the Bushwick neighborhood, and captured some quintessential Brooklyn scenes courtesy of my dear friend and amazing photographer Jia Jia.

The street art matches my hair!
The street art matches my hair!






All I need is a beer in a brown paper bag to make this stoop seat complete.
All I need is a beer in a brown paper bag to make this stoop seat complete.

So let’s talk about the dress! Like the Odette, it features a box pleat at the front and back of the skirt, a deep V neckline, and signature MCF pleated bust that expands (or stays folded) to fit any bust size.

However, Mariana’s skirt is a smidge longer for a more authentic 1940s feel, and features longer, cuffed sleeves, a sweet scalloped trim at the neck, and a matching slim fabric belt. Additionally, the fabric content is slightly different: Here, it’s polyester, viscose, and spandex, whereas Odette replaced the spandex with lycra. It’s a subtle difference, but it results in a softer feel that I really like.

The box pleats give the A-line skirt plenty of volume while keeping the hip slim enough that I don’t flash anyone when there’s a gust of wind. The neckline offers the barest touch of cleavage, making it work-appropriate while still extremely flattering.

Finally, the solid navy is a perfect background for loud accessories, like my Miss L Fire rainbow wedges, Erstwilder bird broach, and what I like to call my “mad scientist” sunglasses from Trashy Diva. (Though I wouldn’t turn it down if someone felt like buying me one in every color!)

As for boob room, like all MCF pleated busts, it’s supremely flattering and accommodating to a range of sizes. Additionally, the wide scallop trim does a beautiful job balancing a large bust, whereas smaller trims and neckline details tend to disappear on my chest.





Another win for Miss Candyfloss. I can’t wait to see what they release next!

[Sorry for the long absence, readers. First I was on vacation, then I had jury duty, then I was just too busy with work and social obligations to get a post together. But I’m finally back!

The semi-annual Curve Expo was this past week, but unfortunately they changed it to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday this season, instead of the previous Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Between all the aforementioned time off, I just couldn’t justify taking another day off work, so I missed the show. I really hope they bring it back to Sunday next season! Darlene was able to attend one day and will share her highlights soon.]