More Miss Candyfloss! My favorite brand had a 20% off coupon for Black Friday, so I placed another order. I’ve now collected several dresses and a bunch of different tops. This week, I’m reviewing two long-sleeved tops, and I’ll follow up with more of them in future posts.

In my first review of a MCF top—the Margit-Ilene—I found the size medium a little clingier than I really prefer. The “underbust” seam was also distinctively on top of breast tissue, and the fabric was stretched taut so that I lost some of the pleating details. So this time, I went with size large and crossed my fingers it wouldn’t be too large.

Well I’m so glad I did, and I’ll be buying size large in stretch jersey tops from MCF from now on! For reference, I measure 37”-29”-41”.

First up is the Roxy-Lee top with fox-print trim:





Roxy-Lee is made of super soft and stretchy 96% cotton and 4% spandex. It features a seam up the center, gathering at the bust, slightly puffed shoulders, and contrasting trim at the collar and wrist cuffs.

When I saw the cute fox-print trim on this top, I had to have it! Foxes are my favorite animal, and I own several articles of clothing with them. I also very much appreciate the amazing attention to detail on this top: There are foxy cuffs, decorative buttons on the collar and cuffs, and the collar points are tacked down so they’ll never loses their shape.

The shoulder puff is created with two small pleats.
The shoulder puff is created with two small pleats.
Collar and button detail.
Collar and button detail.

The top fits just how I hoped—the bust gathering allows it to contour under my boobs and the body is fitted, but not skintight. And, guys, the sleeves are amazing. So often, I find long sleeves to be uncomfortably tight and restrictive, but once again MCF has kept the sleeves loose without looking baggy, for absolute comfort.



There is a rather large amount of visible chest with Roxy-Lee, and if I wear a super projected bra, like the padded ones from Ewa Michalak, then the cleavage can get a little out of control. But all it takes to solve that is a bra with a slightly more minimizing profile, such as an unlined Freya.

Roxy-Lee is available in this navy color as well as a dark green, though both are low on sizes. However, there are lots of other tops with similar construction, including the Elysia, Emily, Sophie, Aria, and Aubree. There are also several short-sleeved models with a similar neckline.

Next up is the Olive, a blazer-inspired top in raspberry with orange and wine jacquard trim. I’m desperate for one of MCF’s Joanne dresses, but unfortunately my size has been sold out in the colors I like practically since they were first released a year ago, and MCF has not restocked any of them or introduced any new colors. However, they did release several shirts this season that are exactly the same as the top half of the Joanne dress! And if you wear it with a coordinating skirt, it almost looks like a dress.

This time I went with a size medium. Olive has a zipper up the back and is made of heavier fabric than the brand’s jersey tops, so I assumed it would fit like the dresses do. And I was correct! The medium is just perfect.

Note that this photo is the most color-accurate. The others look more pink than the shirt does in real life.
Note that this photo is the most color-accurate. The others look more pink than the shirt does in real life.






Once again I massively applaud the details. The jacquard trim, decorative buttons at the cuffs and up the front, perfectly sewn and tacked down collar, and little peplum all make this shirt feel super high-quality and special.

The fit is, as usual, spot-on. In fact, while the underbust seam often sits just a smidge too high on me, this time it’s perfect, curving fully under my boobs and ending just above my elbows at the sides. The pleats expand to flatter a big bust and again the sleeves offer a comfortable slight looseness.

The Olive top is also available in black and the Olivera variant comes in solid green or navy with the trim being made of the same material instead of contrasting jacquard. I hope MCF releases even more colors. I’d kill for a petrol blue or teal!

Finally, I should note that the skirt I’m wearing in these photos is also a Miss Candyfloss item. In fact, it was one of the first pieces I ever purchased back when I was still depending on my wholesaler source. The Onora skirt is a voluminous circle skirt made of 100% cotton with a touch of stretch. There’s a zipper up the back, a wide waistband—and the most wonderful deep, angled pockets! Most skirts with pockets have them hidden in the side seam, but these ones come in at an angle, making it much easier to slide things in and harder for them to accidentally fall out.


With a 30” waist, the skirt fits true to the size chart, which means it’s a smidge big on me since I measure 29”. But I’d rather it be a tiny bit big than too small—more room for eating!

BONUS: If you’ve been waiting, now is your time to place an order with MCF! My Black Friday shipment included a postcard with a code for 30% off, and it’s not a unique one-user coupon. The coupon expires January 3, 2017 and sale items are excluded. Use code HAPPY17 at checkout.